About me

Honestly I find writing about me, the most tiresome and boring task. What can one write about oneself? Does one really know all about oneself to articulate it in a few words. A few words. is that the limit of self? I think not. People grow. They evolve and so does their self. Time adds volume, dimension to oneself. I just can not write anything about me. What I can write is what I feel about me. But then, that too is subject to change over the course of time.Right now all I can say is that my life too is a story like many other stories one reads in life. My story has just begun. There are many chapters to go before this story ends. I am the protagonist of this story and I am the writer as well. Call it the lethal combination or the most interesting one but that is how it is. I am the writer who writes the story of the protagonist that which I am. I observe what is around me and wish that some day I may be able to uncover a little of the vast secret which the world holds.

Since the page is about me I think I must give some information about..........well Me!!!
I am Anisha and my most deepest desire is to become a good if not great writer some day. I want to write about relationships and emotions in the modern world. My other dream is to write a book for children. Something exquisite that children who read it always remember the story. Now something about my education. I have done my graduation and post-graduation in English Literature. I like reading fantasy,fiction and non-fiction. No much of a fan of non-fiction, I like reading non-fiction which is lightly written and introduces me to new cultures and traditions.