Saturday, 6 July 2013


The sound from the stereo grows louder
Some heavy metal music  comes creeping in
Everyday this happens
Everyday I listen.
I don’t know my neighbors
That is the way down here.
People don’t know their neighbors
And they know the TV stars.
So, I don’t know my neighbors
Except that they love
Heavy metal and loud sounds.
I often wonder if they really know
This music and others in their collection.
I sit here in my solitary little apartment
Listening to this metal stuff
When I suddenly catch
Some argument going on in their house.
I realize they shout pretty bad
And they throw insults at each other
And when it grows louder
They put on the CD of some rock or metal.
They, too, don’t know their neighbors
But they care what their neighbors might think.
So each day when they return home
After battling another day of survival
They quarrel and while hey quarrel
They put on some heavy metal.
They probably like this music
Or maybe they want to appear anglicized
Before their neighbors
Whom they don’t know.
Nobody knows their neighbor

That is the way down here.